1941 Dodge Truck

Bruce Whipple of Goose Creek, SC wrote:

I purchased the truck in 2001 in Wilmington, NC and started seriously working on it in 2005. Boxed the front and rear of the frame and installed a Fatman IFS and power disc brake unit.  The engine is a Mopar SB Crate motor hooked up to a Hughes 727 Torque Flite. The rear end is a 9″ Ford with a 3.50 gear and Eaton Sure Trac.  The rear suspension is a hand made 4-link that I cut out on an EDM.  I bought the bed kit and fenders from Bruce Horkey and had the filler plates between the bed and running boards louvered for a little “Hot Rod” flavor. Wheels are from U.S. Wheels Model 555 Artillery 15 x 10 rear and 15 x 5 front.  The tires are from Diamondback.  The radiator is a custom Griffin piece and due to lack of room I’m running a single 16″ 3300 CFM pusher fan to cool it. I made my own gauge panel and glovebox door as well as the steering column drop and wheel adapter. The seat is a 2002 Durango rear passenger seat, the head liner is the ABS unit offered by DCM.  The shifter is a Llokar unit as are the throttle linkage and kickdown cable. The truck has been on the road a little over a year and was built as a daily driver. I have hundreds of photos documenting the build if anyone wants to see something specific, just e-mail me, I’d love to share any information I have.  Building this truck was like raising a child, a lot of work , but the finished product is something to be proud of.



Check out more photos of this labor of love.

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4 Responses to 1941 Dodge Truck

  1. Mike Kermode says:

    Is there anyway I can contact this person for technical questions regarding a a 41 project?


  2. Your truck looks amazing, we have a 47 Dodge Pickup that we are wanting to stay original as possible. Would you know who to contact to get rear fenders and other mechanical parts.


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