Customer Project: 1946 FLS60s 2.5 ton Fargo

The truck is a 1946 FLS60s 2.5 ton Fargo. Owner Rick Campbell was after the truck for almost 10 years, trying to buy it off the owner, when he finely got it there wasn’t much left of it.

Rick wrote, “I started rebuilding the chassis, brakes, stirring suspension, axles, motor, and transmission; it took me a year to gather up enough parts to see what the truck would look like. I am going for a mini semi-truck look. It is going to be my trailer puller. After find the parts, it took another year of endless welding and body work, doing some modifications such as a 251 flathead with 3 carbs and turbocharged, an outside air cleaner, custom head lights, duel saddle fuel tanks from an old combine, and a bigger back window so i can access the sleeper. After painting it, I’m in the final stages of assembly. I should have it on the road shortly! I’m partially disabled I’ve worked very hard on it and very proud of the truck, it’s going to be a real head turner!”

The team at DCM Classics is looking forward to see all the hours of hard work pay off. Check out the build below.

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