Exciting News! More Officially Licensed by MOPAR Emblems!

DCM Classics has been working close with MOPAR to reproduce more officially licensed Emblems. After our success with the POWER WAGON logos, we are moving on to phase two.  Our goal is to recreate high quality parts that simply don’t exist anymore.

The team at DCM is excited to announce MOPAR has already approved our designs, parts are in production and will soon be in our online store:


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7 Responses to Exciting News! More Officially Licensed by MOPAR Emblems!

  1. Dean says:

    Great news! We could use a couple of ‘job rated’ emblems. Are there any plans to recreate the letters from the sides of C series trucks? Looking for a couple of ‘H’s
    Also looking for reproduced Fargo badges.



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  3. Tim says:

    I see that DCM is in the process of getting new Power Wagon emblems made up. Do see any thing in the future for Fargo emblems.


    • dcmclassics says:

      We currently have them with our engineer to be drafted, then a sample has to be made and approved by MOPAR, then production will begin. (We are officially licensed by MOPAR for reproductions) We just started this process – but it is started. Watch the blog and our social media, we will make sure people know when they are completed.


  4. Tom Jarosch says:

    glad to hear dcm is expanding licensing and getting approval from mopar to reproduce these old products. I see you have a 53 named “stella”. i have a 53 also and in need of a few body parts. what, other than on your website do you have in the works? thanks… Tom


  5. Tom says:

    Glad to hear DCM is expanding inventory in parts, like your truck “stella” I have a 53 also and am in need of body parts other than whats offered on you web site. anything new in production?


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