DCM Customer Project: 1948 Dodge B1C

DCM is excited to have Trey Gates share his story: So last year I was 16 and ended up working a lot on a farm for my uncle. I drove past the Pilothouse a lot as it was my dads neighbor and I have admired classics since I was a kid, and something about that pilothouse caught my eye.

My grandpa always had some cool toys (5, 1929 Model A’s, a 57 T bird, etc.) and I told myself that one day I’d have some too. One day I saw a for sale sign in the truck with the owner outside. I figured I didn’t have enough money, but I’ll at least go take a look considering I liked talking to owners of these older vehicles. I’m greeted by an older gentleman named Ron, and we discuss the truck. I then ask him how much he wanted because the for sale sign asked him to call for more details. To my surprise, he says $1600 and it’s yours. The truck had a slew of work done, Ron rebuilt everything in that truck from the wiring harness, to the rear axle bearings, wheel hubs etc. and was a turn key truck. A big challenge with the truck was learning how to “double clutch” but in a matter of a couple of minutes of driving it, I supposedly drove it better than Ron had in his 10+ years of owning it due to him not being able to smoothly downshift. We get back and I am a couple hundred short, so I told him I’ll be back for it I just have to work. I go home and talk to my dad and he’s actually interested, and said he will loan me some money but I have to pay him back so I ended up doing just that the next day and voila!

I so far have had one problem with the truck, a leaky wheel cylinder, that I had bought a replacement from DCM. It is very reliable, it’s never not started, and gets me where ever I needed to go. In fact, my car broke down at the beginning of summer so I had to use it for a majority driving to work and back and forth from where I worked (Madras, Oregon to Bend, Oregon) which was a 60 mile commute one way and most days it was over 80 degrees. Last weekend I had to use it because my car was behind a trailer that I couldn’t move and I took it to work in the ice and snow! Overall, I’m grateful to have this truck!


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1 Response to DCM Customer Project: 1948 Dodge B1C

  1. Helen Finch says:

    My 19 year old son has recently purchased a 1950 pilothouse here in the UK and we are trying to source parts and the previous owner said he purchased items from DCM and was happy with the service. We aren’t allowed to drive here in the UK until aged 17 and he is unable to insure the vehicle to drive so his Dad has insured it. However, as he is working in the car trade as an apprentice paint sprayer/panel replacement he is using it as part of his apprenticeship. He wants to return it to original colour and upholstery and replace all the wood. He doesn’t want to upgrade anything. Any advice would be lovely as here in England we don’t have many of these trucks so this one is a bit special. It was originally from owned by a Dairy in Minnesota.


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