DCM Customer Project: 1954 Fargo

Terry Stewart sent us an email about his dad’s 1954 Fargo Truck.

We had a family reunion in 2002 in Isabella Manitoba, where my Dad had grown up.While we were there he mentioned that he was interested in finding an old truck to restore.The neighboring farm owners told him they still had their old Fargo and after seeing it they made a deal. He also found a 1957 Chevy pickup for my other brother.

Both trucks were flat bedded back to Stouffville, Ontario and the restoration began.The Fargo’s engine was seized and hadn’t run in about 10 years. A local mechanic had it running without any problems very soon. A few parts were needed, tailgate, one new rear fender.

Every year we did a little more with the goal of entering it in the town Santa Claus parade. It finally went for paint in August of 2018 and after putting it back together, seat, lights, emblems, glass, we had it in the parade in December.

Projects for the spring will be finishing the interior and the door weatherstripping.

– Terry

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2 Responses to DCM Customer Project: 1954 Fargo

  1. douglas talbot says:

    great job, i am in the middle of a frame off resto on 1946 dodge fargo 1/2 ton .at times things get a little frustrating looking for parts .Currently i am looking for a exhuast and intake manifold that will fit on my 1946 flat head six.- doug


  2. Sam says:

    Nice job. I’m doing a 1955 dodge just trying to figure out how to run the wiring from left front head light and park to the right one then to fire wall.Anyone with pictures would be greatly appreciated.


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